GAD - Greenwich Association of Disabled People


Greenwich Association of Disabled People has always been a leading campaigning organisation standing up for the rights of disabled people. We have worked with numerous campaigns over the years and here is some of them:

Access to Work

The DWP Access to Work programme was designed to provide practical support for disabled people in the workplace. In recent months DWP have changed the eligability criteria and cut disabled people entitlements to support without any forwarning.

Access to Work has been described as one of the few Government systems that actually works. It does what it’s meant to do and has been very effective, providing flexible support and enabling the Deaf or disabled Access to Work customer to have choice and control over their support. But the best thing about it is that it costs the government nothing, in fact it makes them money! For every £1 spent, the treasury reaps £1.48.

Yet for bizzare reasons DWP without warning introduced a cap of 30 hours of support - in effect this means a deaf employee could spend time without being able to communicate with colleagues or undertake their job.

Here at GAD where many of our staff have a disability, they are being denied support, Access to Work fail to respond to emails and do not pay the bills.